Website Design & Development

Website designed and development is now undertaken by the new venture: Create IT Group, Newbury, Berkshire.

Sites are optimised to a high level, standards compliant, and augmented using new javascript technologies.

Please contact:
Create IT Group for website & software development

Website Design, Software Engineering Languages & Database Technologies

  • PHP4.0, JSP + Servlets
  • C++, Java, Ruby
  • JavaScript1.2, VBScript
  • FlashMX 2004 (ActionScript)
  • HTML4.0, XHTML1.0
  • CSS1.0, CSS2.0
  • XML1.0, MySQL, SQL, Oracle
  • Microsoft Access, Excel
    (Inc. Visual Basic modules)
XHTML1.0 Compiant
XHTML1.0 Compiant