[Music Lessons in Newbury Berkshire]

Our designers were given an open brief with this project. We chose a minimalist and simplistic approach to the graphical content and general layout of the site.

We enjoyed employing our artistic freedom resulting in a fresh and clean feel to the graphics and navigation of this site.

The content has been highly optimised for specified keywords and phrases. It ranks well in google and other top result engines, and we are hearing good feedback regarding the number of positive sales hits to the site.

  • Optimised for IE, Mozilla FireFox, Safari and yes... even IE for Mac
  • Compliant to XHTML1.0 & CSS2.0 standards
  • Completed on schedule and to budget
  • Graphical content developed by Bunjys' Lair

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XHTML1.0 Compiant
XHTML1.0 Compiant